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About Furo

Implementing CI/CD pipelines is all about the Flow. Like water, development and production processes follow a certain Flow.
By strategically placing objects the direction water is going can be changed and this can also be applied to development and production processes within companies.

I love Japanse culture. Furo is a derivative of the Japanese word Furō. Meaning Flow in it’s most general form. Creating the perfect Flow is what Furo strives for. This is also represented in the logo by interpreting processes to the Flow of water.

By learning and researching the Flow within a business, the “pebbles” can be strategically placed, altered or removed to build the needed Flow. With the help of tooling, for example Jenkins, the pipeline(s) can be implemented to relieve manual intensive steps.

A Flow doesn’t stop by simply automating certain parts. Implementing Q&A metrics make sure the direction of the Flow is always that what is expected. Combining this with realtime production monitoring and alerting makes sure the Flow is moving through all different aspects of the chain.

This is Furo. May the Flow be with you.

About me

My name is Robin Ong and I have a background in programming and SQL.
Over the years I got more and more interested in Q&A. Combining this with automating development processes opened up a whole new world.

I was fortunate to be able to extend my expertise in these areas. I started with streamlining the test processes and introducing automated testing. After this I started to take an interest in CI/CD and I knew I found my passion.

Creating basic pipelines in Jenkins that build and integrates code and deployables. A new addiction was born. Of course this was not enough. More could be done so integrating Q&A was the next step.

All this grew into pipelines working with landscapes in Docker and “old school” On-Premise infrastructure. Metrics, Automated Tests, Continuous Deployment and in the end, Monitoring and Event processing. Introducing alerts, dashboards and a Logstash gave us a lot of needed information.

After almost 13,5 years of working for my last employer it was time for a reset and a new start.
A start with new challenges and the chance to help other companies grow in CI/CD (DevOps).

My moonshot is automating my work within a Company so I will no longer be needed.

Besides getting the business Flow going. I also love to travel. Exploring countries and meeting new people is what I love. Going on a trip for a few months really helps to reset. So I can get back to work fresh and driven.


Deploying Development Environments by using Powershell. Creating clones from VM’s (managed by System Engineering) running on central Storage and setting up the cloned servers and clients.

Docker Swarm setup with Linux and Windows servers. (Automatically) Creating images and containers for both the Linux and Windows Docker environments.
Integrated Docker and deployment to Docker within CI/CD pipelines.

Test Automation for Frontend, Backend and Apps. Using TestComplete, Selenium, Appium, SOAPUI, JMeter and Powershell.
Later integrating tests within the CI/CD pipelines.

Monitoring Stack implementation in a Hybrid environment. Using Prometheus, LogStash, CAdvisor, Exporters and Alert Managers.

Dashboards and statistics for more detailed insights. Using Kibana and Grafana.

CI/CD pipelines to support the Development, QA and deployment process. Using Jenkins, Groovyscript, Powershell in combination with Docker and VM’s.
Integrating Metrics, Automated Tests and Dev Deployments and reports.

Ansible en Nexus to provision different environments/servers and keeping track on deployed artifacts.

Building Docker Images  on the existing software landscape across different environments. Both in Windows and Linux.


Ready to start placing the “pebbles” in your Flow?

Feel free to contact me regarding questions and/or job enquiries (Freelance).
I operate from Zeeland. When we come to terms I’m flexible in regards to location.

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